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Common Terminology Every Fireplace Owner Should Know

Fireplace Tools

When it comes to installing a new fireplace you’re often inundated with unfamiliar terminology, which can make communication between you and your fireplace supplier at times difficult. For this reason I have started to compile a list below of common terminology used when installing a new fireplace, which I will continue to add too in […]

Beginners Guide to Using Your Wood-Burning Stove

The Charnwood Country 12 Wood-Burning Stove

You’ve just bought yourself a new wood-burning stove and like most people you just can’t wait to get a roaring, cosy fire going. But before you can reap the benefits of your wood-burning stove you’re confronted with the task of actually getting it to work. So, In this blog post I’m going to outline some […]

What type of fireplace is suitable for my home?

Stone Chimney

The type of chimney or flue you have usually dictates your choice of fire, so naturally the first thing to do is to identify your type of chimney or flue and go from there. Don’t worry if you don’t have a chimney though, you can still find the perfect fire for your home.